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Keith Institute Summer Reading Program
at Horatio Williams Foundation



Does your educational program get results? Is it measurable? Leverage the Keith Institute Strategic Tutoring Academic Framework (STAF) to improve the quality of your programs.


Enhance the grades of each student in your youth program and prepare them to compete in a global economy. Let us streamline your educational program with a fun, hands-on approach while students receive help with classroom assignments. 

  • Diagnostic online assessment in reading and/or math to quantify and target student needs for growth over the identified tutoring timeline. 

  • Customized grade level specific curriculums to address instructional needs for each student individually.

  • 3:1 student-teacher ratio (Ki can supply certified teachers or train your own staff and volunteers).

  • Mission and objective development for targeted population academic programs


In the past we've been able to implement the Ki STAF for existing youth based programs, alternative schools, and tutoring programs. Because we know it takes a village, our business model of implementing measurable tutoring solutions in non-traditional programs is how we fight against brain drain.


Download a copy of our sample assessment report for students K-12


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