Equity Unions

In order for capitalism to work,

workers need to participate in the economic growth of the companies they influence. - JFK

Output Up -- Wages Flat -- Equity Null

Human output has increased in the information age, yet wages have not. Equity is the best catalyst to economic & inclusion.

Expanding Capitalism

Is About Expanding Ownership

Worker's need to be indemnified for their contributions, even when their jobs are eventually automated. - Patricia Paul

Equity Unions

Equity Unions are a framework established by labor attorney Patricia Paul and corporate ethnographer James Felton Keith as a remedy to poor negotiations on terms of wages and compensation within organized labor. Through data collection, Equity Unions leverage groups of individual’s contributions in an institution’s creation process. The objective is to most narrowly identify the rightful contributors of product/service/policy creation within an organization. Contributors are identified as necessary owners of their organizational output. The framework serves as a mitigate process for discrepancies specific to indemnification of contributors.


Collect Data on



Identify Contributor Interaction with each 

Product and Project within the Organization


Indemnify Contributors Accordingly

Both Paul and Keith are noted participants in the exploration of technological displacement of employment, and the need to further define "work" along with how human value is distributed. Our teams are actively engaging multi-national companies, governments, and organized labor on issues of benefits to equity unions. 


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