2015 Origins of...

NTGR8: Personal Data Project

We think that all people have intrinsic value. We can prove it!  

We're completing a platform to allow everyone to collect and own their own data.  


Problem: It's difficult to identify and assign ownership of value to people.

Solution: Build a place for people to collect and own their valueable data.

Our greatest fear is that while society develops technologically, we will fail to allocate ownership of the contributed value to individuals and institutions; rendering some of our most influential and vulnerable powerless or more formally, worthless. Here is an example of worth in data.

Research suggests that 50% of all US jobs will be automated away in the next decade. It doesn't matter if we're are a mail carrier, banker, engineer, or blogger. We all create extremely valuable data. This isn't about social media data alone. It's not just our location from fitbit or our mobile devices. It's not our end of year banking transactions, or our tax filing. It's also not our medical data coupled with our health care history. It's not our insurance policies and the amount with which we value ourselves. It's EVERYTHING combined.  Our entire digital identity is a cross section of all of these data sets and more. There are various companies that know about our data, and they use it to help us live better. In most cases we "own" our data, but we aren't aware of the depth and distribution of our data, 

Built by some of the same IBM Watson backed  team that brought a new brand of predictive analytics to the financial markets via Accrue.com; we've collected a team of data scientists to offer a free and secure place for every person to start collecting thier own data. The technology to achieve the goals of the NTGR8 platform is actually a few years old. This type of initiative has never existed in the past because no one saw a way to monitize personal data. It is not the same as open data or civic tech. It cannot be monitized by an institution alone.

It is personal.   

"Having the type of access that I do, to modern technologies, I recognize that less than 2% of the global population has an ownership stake in the economy. Humanity is in a crisis of value distribution, which has nothing to do with wealth redistribution. Identifying personal data is the only way to distribute ownership of everyone's valuable contriobution."  - James Felton Keith

We've attracted a diverse board of technologists, leaders, executives, attorneys, and academics to consider the potential trials and triumphs of a world where every individual has an API (application programing interface).

We want you to join us too. Contact our team at the Keith Institute via TR@jamesfeltonkeith.com

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