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Our Board

Kharena Keith has spent the past decade as an educator in Metro-Detroit, her background is in Educational Leadership and Science. James Felton Keith is a published ethnographer with a background in engineering and economics. Compelled by Kharena's regular testimony that it takes a village to positively influence the education of people, the Keith Institute was established. Ki, as we like to call it, is a research institution first. We build programs for youth and adults to spur progressive change in organizations.

Jenay Hicks

Morehouse School of Med

Vanessa Aldridge

Detroit Public Schools

Courtney Surles

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Andy Tarradath

Tarradath Foundation

Sandra Jackson

Detroit Innovation Academy

Stephanie L. Jordan

Founder McBooksters

Ki Philosophy 

It takes a village. We have all heard that before. Keith Institute, or Ki as we call it, acknowledges that the urban and suburban lifestyles of the 21st century do not fit any one mold. Our objective as educators, economists, and engineers is to match the changing society with tools and tactics that spur inclusion for all.


With the support of the Keith Foundation, established in 2013, we work to incubate and support existing educational, social, business, and political institutions in their pursuits to grow and transform their constituencies. With a focus on data, diversity, and inclusion for underserved factions of the global population we recognize that we are one village, from our family to yours.

All donations to Ki efforts are 100% tax-deductible. Keith Institute is a USA based 501(c)(3) non-profit