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The Parent-Tutor

Today, I wanted to show you how I am working with parents to co-create their children’s education. I get a lot of questions from my friends, family members and Facebookers on educating their child. I often send lesson ideas, tips and resources to parents. From this interaction, the Parent Tutor-program was born.

An over-achiever parent came to me needing help with mostly reading and some fun enrichment activities for her fabulous first grader. We started with the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment (DORA). Immediately after he finished the assessment, a detailed report (click to see a sample report) and summary were ready for me to review. I shared the results with my over-achiever parent and began a plan for the remaining part of the school year and the summer.

The red lines in this summary told us where my favorite first grade student is struggling and the green lines show where he is close to grade level. All together, we learned that he is performing at a first grade level. We decided to get him started on second grade concepts and motivated to learn through fun, hands-on activities.

Winter 2013-2014 was HARSH here in Michigan and the students had a record amount of snow days, so my overachiever parent was excited to use the personalized lessons created for her fabulous first graders on the days that school was cancelled and he was stuck indoors.

In May, I received one of my favorites kinds of text messages (click to see the message) from my over-achiever parent stating that this fabulous first grader was indeed reading at 2nd grade level!

How are your co-creating your child’s education? Comment and let me know! I would love to hear your methods and visit the Ki Programs page to #BeatBrainDrain this summer with your child!

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