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"It takes a village to raise a child.



"it takes a village get

a generation ready for the


Our Schools @ Work program has a proven track record of enabling high school students to harness necessary soft skills, gain early exposure to careers, and identify networks to attract and maintain gainful employment.


As exhibited in Ypsilanti Community School's, YCS @ Work, program Kharena Keith Coleman has the ability to help your organization:


  • Build strong community partnerships between local businesses and organizations which ultimately shapes the talent of your local workforce.

  • Positively impact student attendance, behavior, and academic morale through structured program components.

  • Prepare students for life beyond the classroom with problem-solving and critical thinking skills, such as time management, using public transportation, and more.

"Individuals are at their best when they identify with a community, and communities are only at their best when they identify all of their individuals."

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