An educator, innovator, and entrepreneur Kharena has left her imprint on multiple school systems in SE Michigan, as well as, the national conversation about 21st century methods to closing the education gap. 




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Kharena Keith Coleman is the Chief Education Officer at Keith Institute and the Program Manager for Outreach and Pre-collegiate programs at the University of Michigan. First as a certified teacher specializing in Biology and Chemistry, then as an Education Administrator; Kharena has spent over 12 years developing a solid track record of achieving learning goals by successfully aligning curriculum and instruction. She specializes in program design, planning, implementation, management, monitoring, and evaluation. She is an advocate for equity in education with a focus on inclusion, differentiated and cooperative learning plans, and authentic assessments. As a leader in education, Kharena has learned that cultivating and maintaining internal and external partnerships add value to non-traditional programs and help to provide an enhanced student experience. At the Keith Institute (Ki), Kharena has developed a tutoring framework for administering varied subject matters to large and small groups of students for measurable results. Our methodology is based on active collaboration with community partners that aid in leveraging resources to develop compelling programming. 

While education consulting and program development is her method of impact, her drives are primarily rooted in diversity and inclusion. Kharena is focused on ensuring that every child has a chance to participate in the 21st century economy and she believes that education is their catalyst. Per her, "it takes a village". We are the village. You can find Kharena and her partner in pedagogy, Akia McCord, shooting the breeze about the joys and pains of working in urban education on their podcast, Urban State of Mind, available on Sound Cloud and iTunes.